The Diverse Vibrancy of Japan

This superb video travelogue from filmmaker Vincent Urban is a wonderful example of why Japan is at the top of my list for places to visit next. As the video shows, Japan is such a vibrant country in a diversity of ways. The dichotomy, pitting old traditions against eccentric sub cultures, produces a unique and spirited cultural landscape. One that I hope to visit soon. Plus, I mean, they have the Ghibli Museum and crazy robot shows, so that alone would be worth the trip.

GoProing With Friends 2014

This is the end of the year GoProing With Friends montage I put together every year with my friend Joe. It highlights a lot of the random activities we do throughout the year including sliding down volcanoes, trampoline dodgeball, tomato fights, snow tubing, roller coasters, the World Cup, Super Bowl parades and a little bit of Vegas. Thanks to everyone who contributed, especially Joe’s cousin Alex for cutting most of it. Always fun to do every year.