The Harry Potter Kids Sum Up Their Experience In One Word

The young cast of Harry Potter say goodbye by summing up their experiences working on the films in one word. Oh how they’ve grown. Now they will be individually whisked away to other franchises based on lesser books/comic books that will probably never yield them the same satisfaction they got when they were six years olds pretending to cast spells with wooden sticks (Tom Felton already finds himself in the Planet of Apes reboot. My money is on him playing a disgruntled lab tech who often makes disparaging remarks to the apes for being different from him).

It’s kind of tragic in a way. At least the Lord of the Rings cast was old enough to have been around the block once or twice before they were cast back out into the cruel world where they had to pay rent doing Adam Sandler movies. The Harry Potter kids might be in for some hard times, but I hope they all land on their feet. For now, let’s collectively pray that Rupert Grint doesn’t end up in Transformers. Because I don’t want to hate him.