What Will J.K. Rowling's Big Announcement Be This Week?

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling teased the world with a “big” announcement following the launch of her new website Pottermore last week. The announcement, which will air Thursday (you can follow the live countdown here), is rumored to be about Rowling’s new book, which will more than likely be another entry into the Potter canon. While nothing is for certain, the site name Pottermore, reveals that there is a good chance it will be Potter related.

While everything is pure speculation at this point, none of the Potter insiders are giving anything away. ā€œI know nothing about that whatsoever,ā€ actor Daniel Radcliffe told Hero Complex. ā€œIā€™m sure that Jo will be writing a lot more in the coming years.”

So, if Harry Potter himself isn’t tipping his hand, all we can do is watch this really cool new Deathly Hallows trailer and use our imagination to fill in the rest of the holes. My guess? A Potter prequel, a Harry Potter/Hunger Games Triwizard Tournament/Hunger Games crossover, a Potter cookbook, the opening of a Hogwarts private school or she’s buying us all two cars each in an effort to one-up Oprah. I look forward to any of these scenarios coming true.