Monday's Writing Links






Arrested Development is coming back. That is all. Oh, and links, yes, links.


-Vote For The Greatest Original Film Score In Sci-fi And Fantasy (io9)

– Av Club Reviews Lev Rosen’s ‘All Men Of Genius’ (avclub)

– How I Got My Agent: Carson Morton (guidetoliteraryagents)

– NPR’s Best 100 Sci-fi And Fantasy Books (npr)

– A Handy Chart To Help You Pick From NPR’s Top 100 list (io9)

– Damon Lindelof Reveals Details Of Ridley Scott’s Promethus (screenrant)

– Michaele Jordan On The Digital Age And How Publishers Are More Important Than Ever (sfsignal)

– Bloomsbury To Digitally Revive Out-Of-Print Books (bbc)

– 10 Worthwhile Sci-fi And Fantasy Books To Look For In October (kirkus)

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