Proofreading Services: Diana Cox

I’m not big on pushing people or services on this site, but it’s hard not to give a glowing recommendation when you’re completely satisfied with someone’s services. Which brings me to Diana Cox.

If you need proofreading help, even if you just want to polish your manuscript before submitting it to agents/publishers, look no further than Diana Cox. Quick, efficient and affordable, without sacrificing any shred of professionalism, she embodies what you look for in a quality proofer. And if you give her a manuscript that’s not too messy, she might even say nice things about it. Visit her website to learn more about her services, rates and turnaround times. You won’t be disappointed.

One comment to Proofreading Services: Diana Cox

  1. Kate Evangelista says:

    Thanks for the tip. It just might help me on my War on Typos.

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