What Kind Of Music Do You Listen To When You Write?

Writers need inspiration in their work. Inspiration can come in many forms, whether the muse be a person, a place, a memory, a film or a song.

Music is one of the greatest aids a writer can have. I know there are those who can only stand to write in silence, but for some, words seem to flow once the music begins.

Because I mostly write science fiction, I tend to listen to a lot of film scores (mostly science fiction) when I write. Sometimes I can listen to more lyrical things, but the words from the songs tend to unintentionally permeate into what I write, and that can be a bit of a problem.

For the last manuscript I wrote, I mostly listen to the soundtracks from Sunshine and The Fountain. Over and over and over. There was something about these two soundtracks that seemed to fit with what I wanted to write, so I played them both to death. On the project I am currently working on, one that is more of a comedy, I have a completely different playlist in order. And I’m sure each future project will have its own unique playlist.

So, what do you listen to when you write? Can you listen to anything with lyrics, or can you only tolerate instrumental tracks? Do your choices change depending on what genre you’re writing?

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  1. Anne Lyle says:

    For the swashbuckling bits, the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack(s). If I'm trying to chill for something more serious, Hildegaard of Bingen's "A Feather on the Breath of God" is awesome, or maybe some Dowland if I'm aiming for something more emo.

  2. Cinders says:

    I usually don't listen to music when I write, but sometimes when I listen to music it gives me ideas for my stories that I use later.

  3. Kate Evangelista says:

    Lots of Adele lately. She speaks to me.

  4. Conor says:

    So, interesting to hear about the array of musical choices for different people. I'd love to read a feature about what sort of music/songs some of the classics were written to.

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