Ranking All the Terrace House Members

Netflix’s Terrace House is the epitome of anti-reality TV. Whereas unscripted American programs thrive by filling the screen with fist pumping bros, Snookis, and other assorted drunken archetypes, Terrace House, Japan’s answer to the Real World, flips the genre on its head. Yes, the show, which just finished up its fourth (and best) iteration yet, still follows the same template we’ve seen many times before. Gather young attractive twentysomethings in a house and watch as they devolve into chaotic debauchery. Except, with Terrace House, the results are far from what you’d expect.

Instead of a precipitous rain of messy drama, arrests, and brawling cast mates, whole blocks of Terrace House often disappear into the quiet calm of food prep, causal dating, and roundtable discussions of professional goals and how to achieve them. It sounds mundane, but it’s actually quite magical. Time Magazine listed Terrace House as their number #6 TV show of 2018 and if you haven’t watched it yet, you should do so. Like right now (starting with the Opening New Doors season).

Until then, here are all the Terrace House members ranked (this list includes house members from the first two parts of Tokyo 2019-2020. Any asterisk denotes house members that are still active in the house. Unfortunately, no Boys x Girls Next Door members are on this list, as that season still remains unavailable in the US. It sounds like a great season and would be included if I had a way of watching it, but I don’t, so I can’t do much about that):

62. Hayato (Boys and Girls in the City)

Hayato was trash. He was a low key creep, who, when confronted about being a creep, creep-dodged and left poor Rikopin out to dry. I’ll never come to your hypothetical restaurant, Hayato. One-star review for your life.

Worst Moment: The Ripokin scandal

61. Cheri (Aloha State)

It doesn’t surprise me that Wez and Cheri were friends on the show, because they were both wastes of Terrace House space. Cheri was a Miss something in Hawaii, which was baffling since she was a trash monster who would say things like, “You’ve lost your place on my list” and “I think protecting someone’s feelings is a weakness”. Boo, Cheri! Boo!

Worst Moment: “Distancing” herself

60. Yuudai (Opening New Doors)

It’s tempting to put Yuudai last, but a majority of his petulant behavior can be chalked up to immaturity that he could one day grow out of. I honestly don’t think he will, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt since everyone is stupid when they’re 19. And I mean, he did provide some classic Terrace House moments. Smell those onions, Yuudai! Smell them!

Worst Moment: Anytime he was confronted about anything

59. Wez (Aloha State)

Wez was apparently devoid of a personality outside of being a trash rapper who treated women poorly. His icy goodbye to Anna was one of Terrace House’s most awkward moments. Why was he even on this show? Oh, right, to promote his Instagram song.

Worst Moment: Anna’s goodbye

58. Yui (Opening New Doors)

Yui’s run on Terrace House was fairly insane, following a steep bell curve that saw her finish as OND’s late run heel. She wobbled out of the gate with her intense boyfriend surveys and brutal showdowns with Mayu, but gradually showed some improvement after she had a chance to see prior episodes air. Unfortunately, any goodwill she had stocked up evaporated when she was caught in a Rikopin/Hayato like scandal, all while harshly criticizing Risako for her own off-screen scheming. As much as I love this season, I’m glad the show ended when it did so I don’t have to watch any more of Yui’s lame spin control.

Worst Moment: Secret Relationship

57. Makoto (Boys and Girls in the City)

Oh Makocchan. What could have been. Makoto initially looked like he’d just be a dumb jock, which is acceptable for a show like Terrace House, but in the end he just revealed himself to be a wannabe player who bungled his schemes to get with Yuriko and Minori. What a waste.

Worst Moment: Makato the gossip

56. Sota (Opening New Doors)

Sota is basically bizarro world Han-san, if Han-san was a tool and didn’t know how to read a room. Initially believed to be the new house overseer, Sota turned out to be some sort of tone deaf Mark Zuckerberg knockoff that no one wanted on the show. His dry eyed goodbye from the house said it all. He was good fodder for the panel, but nothing more. And stop dressing like you skate, Sota! You don’t skate and we all know it!

Worst Moment: The help me pick out glasses “date”

55. Hikaru (Boys and Girls in the City)

There’s a sizable chasm between Hiakru and the true dredges of Terrace House, but Hikaru was underwhelming or at least whelming at every major crossroads he was given. Blunt to the point of insensitivity, and lacking any real substance other than being good looking and hot headed, he’s the equivalent of a reality show shrug.

Worst Moment: The Misaki rejection

54. *Emika (Tokyo 2019-2020)

Emiko is a vibes vampire in the Tokyo house. Without her, the current group would be one of the better lineups Terrace House has ever fielded, but because she continues to grace the show with her underwhelming presence, Tokyo 19-20 is unfortunately dragged back to reality TV mediocrity as a result. She doesn’t seem to have the gear to empathize with her housemates, has no real personality or hobbies to speak of, and might be one of those people who only pursues romantic interests when they’re the object of someone else’s affection. She’s not my favorite Terrace House member by any means, but as she’s still an active member in the house, there’s always time to change and move up the list.

Worst Moment: Sushi date with Ryo

53. Mariko (Aloha State)

Mariko kicks off a quick string of completely forgettable Aloha State cast members. She was a banker who created some bizarre drama between Cheri and Taishi, and not much else. Thanks?

Worst Moment: Whatever the hell kicked off the Taishi/Cheri blowup

52. Mila (Aloha State)

Mila’s run was brief and not particularly memorable. She almost went on a date with Guy. That’s about it.

Worst Moment: Uhhh..

51. Ryo (Aloha State)

Ryo had a chance to play peacekeeper in the infamous Tashi/Cheri blowup, but chose to sit it out in favor of brand research and looking really tan. Thanks for nothing, Ryo.

Worst Moment: Failure to launch/mediate

50. Naomi (Aloha State)

Naomi liked to sit by the pool. Naomi liked Yuya. Yuya didn’t like her. And that about wraps up the Naomi storyline.

Worst Moment: “Surfgate” with Eric

49. Natsumi (Boys and Girls in the City)

Natsumi was a wildly abrasive personality that brought out the worst in her housemates (minus Han-san). She was hard to watch at times, but unlike the bottom five on this list, Natsumi displayed a faint desire to improve her attitude when she’d have those Han-san interventions. I hope she found some peace and happiness outside the show, because she certainly didn’t find it at Terrace House.

Worst Moment: The Misaki Rejection Fight

48. Ami (Opening New Doors)

Ami’s apathy was difficult to analyze. Was she cold, or just guarded as the youngest of the OND originals? Nearly all the male housemates pined for her and she never seemed that interested in any of them. She was nice to Tsuabasa though, so points for that.

Worst Moment: Taka’s snowboarding date

47. Tap (Boys and Girls in the City)

Sure, Tap’s dancing was impressive, but he was a perfect storm of blah otherwise. Like Yusuke, he was one of those talent reliant individuals that leaned heavily into his hobby to distract from an apparent lack of personality. He got Costco friendzoned, which was classic, but other than that, what was he known for? Making Mizuki cry because her dreams were nebulous? Real cool, Tap, real cool.

Worst Moment: Making Mizuki cry

46. Aio (Opening New Doors)

As a fan of Japanese soccer, I was excited to see a Japanese soccer player on the show, but Aio was a bit of an enigma. Especially at the end of the show when he got with Yui, who legitimately seemed like a sociopath hellbent on ruining house vibes. He also picked his nose and had middle school level banter, but at times could be really sweet. But Yui? Why?

Worst Moment: Dating Yui

45. Kenny (Tokyo 2019-2020)

Kenny was like a watered down Shohei Uemura clone, a musician who had some highs onstage when the female cast members got to see ‘Stage Kenny’, but was just as bad offstage with love and kiss attempts (Shohei’s bizarre head turn Seina kiss was still worse though). He wasn’t terrible, but his overall complacency and cool guy attitude helped fuel a really dull first part to the Tokyo 19-20 season. Also, Shohei’s music was better. Just saying.

Worst Moment: The realization that he was probably only there to promote his music

44. Yusuke (Aloha State)

Yusuke punctuated just how camera-ready the other housemates in Hawaii were as he struggled to fit in with the group, mostly relying on his music as his primary means of socializing. He was really talented and really awkward to watch. Like painfully awkward.

Worst Moment: Movie date with Lauren

43. Anna (Aloha State)

Anna was interested in Wez for some reason. Otherwise she was a traveler who didn’t travel much.

Worst Moment: Being interested in Wes

42. Arisa (Boys and Girls in the City)

Arisa provided one of the strangest swerves on the show when she hand breaked Arman in the middle of their budding romance. It’s absolutely fine to turn anyone down at any stage of a relationship (her Costco date dunk on Tap was completely understandable) even if you were the catalyst for the date, but her reasoning with Arman never added up. Was she just on the show to promote/launch her hipster hat line, biding her time as neutrally as possible? Or was she just genuinely uninterested in her housemates?

Worst Moment: Costco Friendzoning (but also secretly a best moment)

41. Eric (Aloha State)

Eric was a dope that spent most of his time on the show prepping to build his beloved pop-up coffee shop. He teased Yusuke and gave him terrible advice, but I don’t think he was malicious or mean spirited at heart. He also briefly dated Cheri after leaving the house, which again, showed that he wasn’t very smart.

Worst Moment: Dating Cheri

40. Mayu (Opening New Doors)

Mayu was crudely objectified by all the men on the show, and yet, none of them seemed genuinely interested in getting to know her better. She tried to date Noah, but it mostly resulted in death stares from Yui. I honestly felt bad for Mayu. She had a particularly rough residency on Terrace House.

Worst Moment: The Yui showdown

39. Shunsuke (Opening New Doors)

Shunsuke was exploring his sexual identity on TV, which has to be harrowing, but his exploration wasn’t particularly tactful or compelling. His date with Sota was classic though. Stupid Sota.

Worst/Best Moment: Sota Date

38. Noah (Opening New Doors)

Noah was fine. He was slightly less annoying than you would think a young, rich, good looking aspiring pilot/heir would be. But being acceptable is not going to put you in the Terrace House Top 10. He and Seina were electric together, and good for them, but his bedside manner with Shohei was awful. I wish Shohei had asked Noah to step out during his goodbye concert. STOP CRYING, NOAH! THIS CONCERT ISN’T FOR YOU!

Worst Moment: Confessions to Shohei

37. Maya (Opening New Doors)

Maya stuck to her guns as a headstrong personality, and credit to her for that, but she unfortunately got lost in the late season drama and registers as a bit of a peripheral figure on Opening New Doors. She dated Kaito, but it seemed more like a pairing of convenience than anything concrete.

Best Moment: Openly criticizing Sota

36. Yuriko (Boys and Girls in the City)

Med student Yuriko was too busy to make much of an impression in the Tokyo season. She was one of many housemates to turn down Tap and in turn was rejected by an ex she tried to reconnect with while on the show. Hopefully she’s on her way to being a doctor, putting her low impact Terrace House days behind her.

Best Moment: Using Tap for expensive dinners

35. Momoka (Boys and Girls in the City)

Like Yuriko, Momoka was almost a non presence on the show due to her rigorous training schedule for ballet. She was a pleasant housemate when she was around though and even had a chance to take it to the streets when she danced her way to becoming a professional ballerina.

Best Moment: Dance Recital

34. Rikopin (Boys and Girls in the City)

Rikopin got a raw deal. It’s hard to be a teenager even when you’re not on a reality show, so she can be forgiven for her clandestine relationship with Hayato. She showcased the dark side of being an idol and the pressures that went along with the job (how were more people not bothered by that teary eyed photoshoot?). Even though she frequently looked out of her element, she displayed some moments of clarity and maturity, especially when she called Natsumi and Hayato on their behavior. And good on her for leaving Hayato’s dumbass all alone at the restaurant. May he always be making desert for one.

Best Moment: Not Meeting Hayato at the restaurant

33. Shohei (Tokyo 2019 – 2020)

Shohei’s tenure seemed like background noise on the Tokyo season, but the panel did allude to him being the glue that held the house together, even if it was mostly in offscreen interactions. So, I suppose that’s why I’d still rank Shohei high on this list. Honestly, it seemed like he was living most of his life offscreen by the time he left, so it makes sense that he snuck out unceremoniously in the dead of the night. He was good, but not great, and sometimes that’s enough.

Best Moment: A Rainy Goodbye

32. *Haruka (Tokyo 2019 – 2020)

Haruka liked to race cars, catch Pokemon and fight with Risako, which is a nice, varied set of hobbies. She had a trajectory similar to Misaki’s. She butted heads with Risako incessantly, but seemed to flourish when Risako departed, similarly settling in as a house overseer of sorts after that. The will they/won’t they aspect of her relationship with Peppe is certainly compelling, but we’ll have to see if it goes anywhere. Tokyo 19-20 has not had great results in the matchmaking department so far, so I’m not holding my breath.

Best Moment: The Almost Kiss

31. Risako (Tokyo 2019 – 2020)

Risako was a scrappy parkour pro who represented the better half of the unfortunately stale Kenny relationship. She loses points for being interested in Kenny, but her friendship with Ruka seemed genuine, so let’s focus on that.

Best Moment: Almost rejecting Kenny

30. Uchi (Boys and Girls in the City)

Uchi can never be seen beyond the lens of the infamous Meatgate, where he disappeared into a deep depression for days because the housemates ate his beloved steaks. He also was a total mismatch for Minori (even in the realm of opposites attracting). Still, out of the gate, he seemed like the worst of the original BAGITC men, and somehow turned out to be the best of those three. Who saw that coming?

Best Moment: Steakgate/Asking all three roommates out at once

29. Risako (Opening New Doors)

Risako initially came off as a bland Seina clone that liked exercising and talking about herself in the third person. She was well on her way to being ranked as a forgettable mid-40s Terrace Houser until the infamous Minion socks incident came along and blew that persona up. Amidst the wreckage, she was given a way more interesting ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ style vignette with Masao. Even though they didn’t get together, Risako and Masao were the best part of the late season OND run. Scripted or not, that was some quality romantic drama right there.

Best Moment: Masao in the Park

28. Kaori (Tokyo 2019 – 2020)

Kaori was a people-pleaser to a fault. She tried to mediate the tumultuous Risako v Haruka arguments, but didn’t quite have the steely demeanor and experience necessary for those skirmishes. She also fostered an odd inferiority complex around the house’s other artists, which seemed unnecessary considering her success as a working illustrator, but the root of our own insecurities are always difficult to suss out. She never quite found her groove at the house, so I hope London is treating her better.

Best Moment: Art show success

27. Niki (Aloha State)

Niki was subject to Guy’s disastrous ‘let’s build a fort and watch me surf’ date, but still ended up hanging out with him all the same. Despite a short residency, she was an all around refreshing presence in the house.

Best Moment: Shelling with Guy

26. Lauren (Aloha State)

Lauren was young, passionate, and arty, but not in a super pretentious or annoying way. She is also now on FX’s ‘Legion‘ somehow, even though she didn’t have any apparent acting ambitions while on Terrace House. Somehow she became more successful in Hollywood than the ultra focused Guilty Samurai himself. Take that, Taishi!

Best Moment: Metaphorically Stiff arming Yusuke in the face

25. Kaito (Opening New Doors)

Kaito skated, chilled and was an all around likable dude. He was friends with Guy and shared Guy’s penchant for chilling and being likable. He’s not as amusing and impressionable as Guy, but he’s definitely pleasant background noise for Terrace House. Sadly, he became somewhat of an inert presence toward the end of the show’s run, but I do hope his post Terrace House skating career takes off.

Best Moment: Not making unnecessary drama in the house

24. *Ryo (Tokyo 2019 – 2020)

Athletes can be hit or miss on Terrace House. Makato and Aio were not amongst Terrace House’s best, but on the other hand, Tsubasa and Guy were top ten cast members for me. Ryo hasn’t been in the house that long, but he seems to be a welcome presence so far. All the female attention appears to be directed at him, and he seems to handle it fairly well and with a small degree of tact. Hopefully he doesn’t fall into the Kenny zone and endlessly stir the pot to no end, but for now he seems like a perfectly innocuous, considerate jock.

Best Moment: Hot Springs Date

23. Chikao (Aloha State)

Chikao was one of two divorcees to appear on the show, a fact she didn’t let define herself when she shook off her ex’s attempt to rekindle their love by guilt tripping her with their dog. Instead, she was subjected to the Tashi trials, a bombardment of affection from the Guilty Samurai’s ‘love worth dying for’ campaign.

Best Moment: Not giving into her ex

22. Yuya (Aloha State)

Initially, Yuya seemed like he might be an asshole, but when it came to housemates like Yusuke and Avian, he had legitimately touching moments with them. So, props to him for being a pleasant surprise on a season of underwhelming personalities.

Best Moment: Committing to Avian

21. *Ruka (Tokyo 2019 – 2020)

Oh, Ruka. The boy who literally wanted to be Spider-Man. I’m going to rank Ruka way higher than he deserves to be, because he actually seemed to evolve in his time at the house. Ruka was poised to be the second coming of Yuudai, but surprised us all when he showed small doses of personal growth. Ruka also seemed to genuinely care about his housemates and never threw anyone under the bus, which isn’t something that can be said about everyone on Terrace House. He was criticized constantly by his housemates and I probably didn’t like him for 70% of the season, but I think he deserves the most improved award for the Tokyo 19-20 season. Keep letting those spiders bite you, Ruka. One day you’ll be Spider-Man and show them all.

Best/Worst Moment: It’s his Spider-Man confession, but showing his drawings to Emika could also be his best/worst moment. It was brutal to watch, but later became an illuminating moment for him when the episode aired and sparked some self awareness for poor ol’ Ruka.

20. Mizuki Haruta (Opening New Doors)

Mizuki scores points as an OG OND member and the first housemate to confront Yudaai the Terrible. She may be the least memorable of the original cast, but she was solid and left without overstaying her welcome.

Best Moment: Yuudai intervention

19. Martha (Boys and Girls in the City)

As far as strong, opinionated housemates go, Martha was more well rounded than some of her contrarian predecessors on BAGITC. She knew what she wanted and didn’t try to throw people under the bus in the process. She was a perfect match for Arman, and seeing them get together was easily one of the best moments of the Tokyo season.

Best Moment: It’s been you all along

18. Shohei (Opening New Doors)

Shohei’s aggressive approach to winning over Seina was misguided (and at times downright uncomfortable), but he was otherwise a constant source of entertainment. His crying was legendary. He’s the only cast member ever to put on a goodbye concert for his housemates, ask someone to be his girlfriend at a church, and perform with what seemed like ten different bands. Stage Shoehei sure was dreamy, but unfortunately once the music stopped, stay-at-home Shoehei was a 5 at best to the women in the house.

Best Moment: Goodbye Concert

17. *Hana (Tokyo 2019 – 2020)

Hana admittedly benefits on this list from having a really badass job as a professional wrestler. In addition to being a ringside crusher, she’s spritely, bubbly, and up for a verbal scrap just as much as a physical throw down. She new to the house, but her time has already been memorable. Here’s to hoping she suplexes her way into Ryo’s heart in the coming episodes.

Best Moment: Winning her match so she could go on a date with Ryo

16. Taishi (Aloha State)

Ah, yes. The Guilty Samurai. How to properly rank Taishi? Likable and considerate one moment, then suffocating, old fashioned and self centered in another. He was Aloha State’s version of Shohei, going way overboard when simple gestures were required. Despite all that, Taishi still found his love worth dying for and at his core, seemed like a generally good dude.

Best Moment: Finding a love worth dying for

15. Mizuki (Boys and Girls in the City)

I never quite understood how Mizuki became a lost figure in the Tokyo season. She was interesting, proactive, and caring, but never seemed to gain any traction with her housemates. Her last haircut “date” with Arman was quietly tragic, a bittersweet goodbye to a show that never quite treated her right.

Best Moment: Haircut Date

14. Avian (Aloha State)

Avian had one of the most efficient runs in Terrace House history, realizing her dream of releasing a bikini line and acquiring boyfriend Yuya in the process. No contest, Avian was the rock solid constant of Aloha State.

Best Moment: Releasing her product line

13. Aya (Opening New Doors)

Despite essentially being an Instagram influencer, Aya was extremely well put together for someone her age. She often came off like the second coming of Seina, which as we know by the procession of imitators that came before her, is no easy feat. And let’s be honest, as much as I love Taka, Aya was probably too good for him anyway.

Best Moment: Being a solid housemate

12. Shion (Opening New Doors)

Shion seemed like a genuinely good guy, but with his beloved relationship with Tsuaba crumbling last year, it’s hard not to be suspect of the man who broke Tsubasa’s heart. RIP, Shibasa.

Best Moment: Meeting Tsubasa’s dad

11. Masao (Opening New Doors)

Masao saved the end of OND from devolving into complete and utter chaos. He was a celebrity of sorts as the bassist for the popular ‘Gesu no Kiwami Otome’, but never lorded that fact over his peers. He was a killer cook, affable, and his time with Risako was the best thing about OND’s late episodes. It’s a shame it didn’t work out for him, but his run was bittersweet in the best way. I know there’s someone out there that will appreciate your sweet bass and curry making skills, Masao. Just keep looking.

Best Moment: Risako’s Soba Date

10. Misaki (Boys and Girls in the City)

Misaki had a rough go in the Natsumi/Hikaru era. She was rejected by Hikaru, constantly fought with Natsumi and as a result came off like a sloppy, quarrelsome housemate. What a difference two people leaving the house can make. In the Post Natsumi/Hikaru era, Misaki revealed herself to be a faux den mother of sorts. She found love with Brynes and their conflict resolution was legendarily efficient.

Best Moment: Surviving Hurricane Natsumi

9. *Peppe (Tokyo 2019 – 2020)

Italian Manga artist Peppe quickly won everyone over with his conversational prowess and good looks, but then seemed to be fade into the background with his busy work schedule. Despite that, Pepe remains talented, thoughtful (his defense of Ruka’s terrible art was a particularly nice moment) and his budding relationship with Haruka is compelling TV when it does get screen time. I’m pretty sure the relationship won’t take, and if that’s the case, hopefully the heartbreak will fuel his manga for years to come.

Best Moment: Manga Completion/The Haruka Date and Matching PJs night

8. Minori (Boys and Girls in the City)

Minori and Uchi were a jarringly dysfunctional couple. They were a summer camp mismatch that had no chance surviving outside of the house (Minori is unsurprisingly married to someone these days and it’s not Uchi). But she was the catalyst for a few classic Terrace House moments like the infamous ‘Coward Rice’ and ‘Steak Gate’, so she’s a top ten cast member for sure.

Best Moment: Coward Rice

7. Guy (Aloha State)

I would love to see a Terrace House spinoff where Guy and Arman do nothing but surf, sleep on the couch and build pillow forts together. The panel often referred to Guy as Winnie the Pooh and it’s hard to think of a more apt nickname for him. He was something special. Never change, Guy. You’re one of a kind.

Best Moment: Becoming a surf champ after nearly drowning

6. Taka (Opening New Doors)

Professional snowboarder Taka Nakamura was part of the original OPN dream team (yes, I’ll even include Ami and Yudaai as part of that magical dynamic). He said the wrong things too many times in one-on-ones, which pushes him out of the top 5, but since OND was my first experience with Terrace House, my Taka bias is strong. Gotta get some of that sweet BREW merch soon.

Best Moment: Shaving his mustache to impress Ami

5. Byrnes (Boys and Girls in the City)

Maybe Barnes wasn’t the sharpest tool in his Krumping crew, but he was a surprisingly sweet salve for the heartbroken Misaki. He unearthed Terrace House’s biggest scandal, tried his best to help others, and generally was a good housemate. Sure, he was terrible at surprises and driver’s tests, but his double down on taking Misaki to Yokohama for a date was a bold all or nothing move that paid off in the end. You’re okay in my book, Detective Barnes. I hope you Krump off into the sunset with Misaki and live happily after ever.

Best Moment: The Yokohama Date

4. Seina (Opening New Doors)

The first time I saw Seina was in OND, by which time she was already Japanese reality TV royalty. It was a treat to watch this Terrace House pro navigate a few tricky love triangles without coming off as particularly duplicitous or shallow. Seina truly is a champ of unscripted TV. Long live the queen of drinking for one.

Best Moment: Seina drinks alone

3. Arman (Boys and Girls in the City)

Arman was so chill you wouldn’t have known if he suddenly died on the couch and was left there for days by his housemates. He had one of the longest residencies in Terrace House history, floating along on good vibes and the occasional date, but even if he overstayed his welcome, you couldn’t help but cheer for him when he and Martha finally got together. Also, the final reveal that Arman was actually a hard worker after months of ridicule from the panel for being lazy? Priceless.

Best Moment: The best worker we’ve had

2. Han-san (Boys and Girls in the City)

Han-san was the sage father figure of Terrace House. He came on the show with a girlfriend and never sought to do anything more than comfort and advise his fellow housemates. He single handedly broke the panel when he left, sending everyone into hysterics and tears. Don’t go, Han-san! Come back! How will we know what to do when you’re gone?

Best Moment: A tearful goodbye

1. Tsubasa (Opening New Doors)

Nobody puts Tsubasa in the corner. Hands down the greatest cast member in Terrace House history. The thoughtful, talented and introverted heart of Opening New Doors. Her story was tragic and inspiring, and her Soba making dad was spinoff worthy in his own right. It’s a shame that her relationship with Shion didn’t survive when they left the house, but their time together was pure saccharine sweetness.

Best Moment: All of them

7 comments to Ranking All the Terrace House Members

  1. eksine says:

    why does everyone omit the best and first season of terrace house?

    • Conor says:

      For me personally, it’s just an issue of availability. If it had been on Netflix with the other seasons, it would be on this list.

  2. Axter says:

    I would have put seins number 1. Did you watch the first season ? It is sure that Tsubasa was cool but seina is undoubtedly the queen of terrace house( go watch the first season and you would understand what I mean) . I would have put shohei of OND in the top 5 because he was the most passionate and he is the kind of character that you can not easily forget. Also ,Taka deserves the top 5 according to me because he became an OG in just one season.

    • Conor says:

      I still haven’t had a chance to see the first season. If it ever becomes available on a streaming platform I can access, I will definitely watch it. I’m sure my rankings would change based on Season 1, especially in Seina’s case.

  3. rg says:

    It’s a very nice list. And you write very well. There was only one ranking that threw me way off — I had sort of a polar opposite take on Emika along all the descriptors you provide.

    It’s nice to see Seina outside the top three. I assume she must have been spectacular in S1, which I haven’t seen. But aside from Shohei’s antics I can’t recall anything about her time on OND.

    • Conor says:

      Yeah. I can see that. I didn’t really know what to think of Emika, but I did sour on her toward the end of Part 2. But as she’s still an active member of the household, I know my opinion of her can definitely change. I think most house members do improve over time at Terrace House, Ruka and Misaki are certainly examples of that. So, hopefully she finds her groove whenever Part 3 of Tokyo 19-20 drops.

      • RG says:

        Actually, I hadn’t seen the last three episodes of Part 2 when I wrote that. Now I see that she took on an antagonist role a bit but she has as much right to make a try for Ryo as Hana. In my book, Emika and Pepe really rejuvenated an extremely stale house culture (tho the OC admittedly delivered some classic moments).

        FYI, P3 has dropped on Facebook (Terrace House Watch Party).

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