Movies in 2016 – Mashup Trailer

This is an excellent movie mashup montage edited by Andrew Rivard, celebrating the year 2016 in film. Although 2016 didn’t start particularly strongly, I think the surge of good films in the second half may end up making it one of the better cinematic years of late. I of course have nothing to back that claim up, but luckily this is the internet, where citations go to die. Cue the dance montage!

‘Hunt For The Wilderpeople’ Review

I saw two movies in theaters this week. One was the $130 million bloatfest that was Independence Day 2. The other was the New Zealand indie ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople.’ Hunt for the Wilderpeople, made for $128 million dollars less than ID4: 2, is the infinitely better movie between the two. Smart, funny, poignant and boasting a perfect rotten tomatoes score for the moment, Hunt for the Wilderpeople is a great example of an applause worthy indie that will go under the radar because of bloatfests like Independence Day (although it looks like everyone is ignoring Independence Day in favor of Finding Dory, anyway). So, if you’re looking to support something small, offbeat and worthy of your hard earned disposable income this weekend, give some consideration to Hunt for the Wilderpeople, which should expand to most cities this Friday (7/1). Sam Neill and Julian Dennison are the truth.

The Diverse Vibrancy of Japan

This superb video travelogue from filmmaker Vincent Urban is a wonderful example of why Japan is at the top of my list for places to visit next. As the video shows, Japan is such a vibrant country in a diversity of ways. The dichotomy, pitting old traditions against eccentric sub cultures, produces a unique and spirited cultural landscape. One that I hope to visit soon. Plus, I mean, they have the Ghibli Museum and crazy robot shows, so that alone would be worth the trip.

No One is Happy in the New Game of Thrones Trailer

Today, HBO released the most thorough look yet at the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, utilizing a bleak montage set to always depressing tune of Chris Issac’s ‘Wicked Game’ (performed by James Vincent McMorrow in this case) to bring us up to speed on our favorite Westeros denizens. Unsurprisingly, everyone looks about as good as you think they would, which is to say they look terrible. I’m trying to figure out which character is remotely close to actually being content in this trailer (happiness seems to be completely off the table at this point, so let’s just stick with contentedness). You could maybe argue that it’s Cersei. Even though Cersei’s world is wrecked, you can tell she’s going to enjoy getting revenge with her undead zombie Ser Robert Strong (aka more than likely the zombie Mountain).

And not to dive too much into speculation, but even though we see confirmed dead Jon Snow shots, this screengrab of Davos appears to show him coming for Jon Snow’s body (more than likely to bring to Melisandre for revival purposes) and another screengrab shows what looks like a reanimated Jon Snow riding into battle. So….yeah. It’s also nice to see Bran and his new haircut back in the mix, even though it looks like he’s in a tough spot with the White Walkers.

This season will definitely be an interesting one, as it marks the first time no one outside of the cast and showrunners will know what lies ahead. Devout book fans will no longer be able to lord the knowledge of future events over the poor souls who haven’t read the books. The playing field for fandom will be leveled and I think it will actually be a welcome change. Everyone can now just enjoy the show without having to worry about keeping any commentary spoiler free. Season 6 premieres April 24, 2016 on HBO.

Every Frame A Painting : The Coen Brothers

Cinephiles rejoice. Tony Zhu’s superb Every Frame A Painting series has a new episode. This week’s entry highlights the cinematography of the Coen’s Brothers (specifically the use of shot/reverse shot in their films), examining how seemingly innocuous camera work is more meaningful than you would think at first glance. Zhu’s series, which has long been a favorite of mine, continues to offer a lot of quick and clean insight into cinema and I would highly recommend his series to anyone who has an interest in film beyond the casual moviegoer. If you like this video, be sure to visit Zhu’s youtube channel.