Long Time No Update

I haven’t updated the site much in 2017. Truthfully, the entire year has been a bit of a sprint, but I’m going to try to be better about keeping up down the stretch. Seasonally, it’s easier to blog in fall and winter when things turn into a gray deluge in the Pacific Northwest.

So, what has happened in 2017 so far? I’m still working on a few projects this year, including a fantasy, thriller and YA sci-fi manuscript. In addition to those tasks I’ve been writing the script for a video game. It’s a Jaws inspired diving game, which if you know anything about me, is right up my alley. All and all, it’s been a scattershot of projects in 2017, but I’ve enjoyed working on them all. Hopefully I’ll have some material to show off in 2018.

I also switched agents this year. My previous agent Kaylee, who I was a huge fan of, decided to hang up her agenting badge this year. I was bummed to hear she was retiring, but I’m excited for her new career in the medical field. With Kaylee’s departure, I switched representation to Kimiko Nakamura, also at the Dee Mura agency. I’ve only spoken with Kimiko a few times, but she also seems to be a wonderful and sharp super agent, just like Kaylee.

Along with the annual end of the year best of movie lists and the movie montage mashup I’ve done in years past, I’m hoping to add an end of the year movie recap podcast with two friends and start producing some youtube movie content by the end of the year. So, be on the lookout for some or all of that come December 2017.

I hope if you’re working on anything creative in 2017, it is going well for you and that amongst the chaos, you are finding passion and inspiration.

Canada Tour

We just got back from our Canada tour, which almost closes out an incredibly busy summer, a season that has included long stretches in Canada, Hawaii, San Francisco and Oregon. This is the video from our time up north. The B.C. wildfires cancelled our original backpacking route through Mt. Assiniboine and pushed us north toward Jasper, but it was still great fun. A lot of smoke, haze, and poutine, but no grizzly run-ins, which I’m always thankful for. This was mostly shot in Banff, Jasper, Canmore and the Icefields Parkway on a GoPro Hero 4 using the Centriphone rig.