Mandatory Reshoots Episode 2: ‘Black Panther’ Review

This week we reviewed Black Panther, a small independent film not many people have heard about. Enjoy.

Movie Grades for the Black Panther:
Sam – B+
Eric – A-
Conor – A-

Black Panther Review: [10:00] mark

Lightning Trivia Round: [56:40] mark

Week’s Trivia Rankings:
1. Sam- 6/10
1. Eric – 7/10

All Time Rankings:
1. Eric – 14/20
2. Sam – 13/20

Music By: Andrew David Vilaythong

Mandatory Reshoots Episode 1: ‘The Cloverfield Paradox’ Review

Our movie review podcast has finally taken shape as ‘Mandatory Reshoots’. For our first official episode we review the trash fire that is Netflix’s new secret Cloverfield movie, ‘The Cloverfield Paradox’.

Movie Grades for the Cloverfield Paradox:
Sam – D
Eric – D-
Conor – C-

Lightning Trivia Round begins at the [54:09] mark in the podcast.

Music By: Andrew David Vilaythong