Alternate Cover For "The Exiles of the New World"

Talented artist Maciej Rebisz was kind enough to provide me with an alternate cover for my upcoming book, The Exiles of the New World. Between this new cover and the original, I’m not sure which one I am going to use. They’re both really cool and they both really echo that feeling of isolation I was looking for.

Eventually, they’ll both have to be cropped, which will be disappointing to lose some of this visual information, but I guess that inevitably happens. It’s too bad there are no science fiction coffee table books out there, cause this cover would be prime.

If you have any thoughts on which of the two covers you like better/is more visually interesting, let me know. I would appreciate any opinions. Also, do you have any cover art for an upcoming book that you have recently acquired? If so, were you happy with what you got? Have you ever fought a publisher on a cover you thought was subpar?

8 comments on “Alternate Cover For "The Exiles of the New World"

  1. K.C. Shaw says:

    Holy crap, that's gorgeous artwork! It's a hard choice, but I really like the first one better because of the taller tower. It gives it a bit more of a focal point. But wow are they both beautiful.

  2. Everything Indie says:

    Interesting post 🙂

  3. Conor says:

    Thanks, KC. I really like this cover. My only concern is that even when it is cropped, it is a little hard to see the tiny figure on the landscape.

  4. Efthymis says:

    You know there is no need to crop it. You can just wrap it, making the left side the backpage and the right part the front page.

    One thing\'s for sure, it\'s going to be tough to select one. They both look awesome!

  5. Conor says:

    Great idea, Efthymis. I will certainly try wrapping the whole image around the spine of the book and see how it looks. My only concern would be if text on the back of the book jacket would actually be legible or not.

  6. aobibliophile™ says:

    hi Connor! this is also amazing. both covers are great. the lone figure drew me again. it's going to be a tough choice. it would be great if there was a way for this one to be inserted within the book's pages if it won't be used as a cover. like an insert or something. c",)

  7. Bo Tiberius says:

    The original is my favourite. It screams the sort of book that I wouldn't be able to help buying if I caught it in a bookshop, even if I was already in debt (which I usually am when I start buying books >_<;)

  8. Conor says:

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. You guys are amazing.

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