The Coolest Ice Tray Ever And More Relevant Links

This Han Solo frozen in carbonite ice tray may produce some rather disturbing ice cubes in the eye of the Star Wars layman, but otherwise, I mark it as the single greatest invention ever. Yes, even over antiseptics, sweatpants and waffles. This won’t be available for purchase until July, but due to the internet’s greatness, you can preorder it here.

Links to more relevant writing/sci-fi articles:
– Reasons Why Your Book Won’t Succeed (jakonrath)
– The Characters Must Come First In Any Genre (guidetoliteraryagents)
– Google & Piracy (Jim C. Hines)
– Fantasy Magazine Profiles Orson Scott Card (fantasy-magazine)
– Feuding Dwarf Stars Have Been Destroying Each Other For Millions Of Years (io9)
– Val Reviews Jon Scalzi’s “The God Engines” (Val’s Random Comments)
– Ten Reasons To Bow Down Before Your Shark Overlords (io9)
– Upcoming Writing Conferences: Balticon in Maryland (May 28), Jackson Hole Writers Conference (June 23-26), The Northwestern Summer Writers Conference (Aug 3-5) and PNWA in Seattle (Aug 4-7).

I always want to attend the conference in Jackson Hole. It’s so damn pretty there. I also included the Northwestern conference for fellow Chicagoans to attend (DePaul, Ragdale Foundation, Writers In The Heartland and Lake Forest also have ones in the Chicago/Illinois area this year).

Either way, if you are attending any conferences this year or have in the past, let us know how it went. What do you think is the best writers conference out there (international conferences apply too)? Have you made any fruitful contacts from networking at these conferences? Was it worth the trip? What is your favorite writers conference based on the host city/location?

6 comments on “The Coolest Ice Tray Ever And More Relevant Links

  1. titania86 says:

    Wow! These are the coolest ice trays ever! Not creepy at all. And thanks for sharing these great articles!

  2. Kate Evangelista says:

    See this is one of the reasons why I lament living in a tropical country. Ah, to attend a conference, must add that to the Bucket List with ice cubes of Han Solo frozen in carbonite.

  3. Franny says:

    Wow… I saw ice trays in chocolate shapes, shoes, sandwiches… but this I haven't seen yet… I'm not a Star Wars fan but this is really cool!

  4. Conor says:

    I am tempted to host a black tie event and only have these ice cubes available for guests.

    @Kate, I have yet to make it to a conference either, but I plan on making one this year. Not sure which one though. I'll probably stick to something in the Chicago/Illinois area for starters.

  5. aobibliophile™ says:

    hi Conor! what a cool idea. lol. thanks for sharing! c",)

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