Monday's Writing Links

Today’s Monday’s Writing Links are brought to you by me being on vacation in Brazil. Uh, so in the spirit of me being in Brazil and not wanting to type much, here are this week’s links. I’m sure they’re all informative and witty…I have to go now (samba music playing in the background).



– SF Signal Podcast: Novellas (sfsignal)

– How To Satisfy Your Reader Without Being Predictable (sfwa)

– Goodbye Border: A Requiem For A Megastore (avclub)

– Is George R.R. Martin Helping To Save Print Book Sales (io9)

– Av Club Reviews David S. Goyer’s ‘Heaven’s Shadow’ (avclub)

– Quite Possibly The Most Beautiful Photo Of Saturn Ever Taken (io9)

– Time Magazine Interview Neil deGrassi Tyson While He Opens A Rocket In His Office (youtube)

– George Lucas, The Star Wars Blu-ray Edits, And The Status Quo (denofgeek)

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