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I couldn’t resist posting this reimagined Tremors poster that recently popped up on the internet. I could probably could get away with it by making something up, like saying that Tremors was based on a book. A really good cross genre literary monster novel written by Cormac McCarthy before he was famous. The Grapes of Wrath of monster books.

But, alas Tremors only stands as a cult film (one which I’ve always loved) with no apparent literary basis. I will try to make up for it by showering you with especially relevant Memorial Day weekend links. One such link, is a great seminar that Jane Friedman is hosting through the Guide To Literary Agents site, where she will lecture on the 6 Key Components To Establishing An Effective Online Platform. If you are interested, just make sure to sign up before June 2, which is the day that the seminar is being held.

– Jane Friedman Teaches The 6 Key Components Of An Online Platform (guidetoliteraryagents)
– John Scalzi: The Pros And Cons Of Book Touring (scalzi)
– 12 Things You Can Do With Promotional Bookmarks (associatedcontent)
– How Publishers Are Surviving The Changing Times (kriswrites)
– Guardian’s User Recommended Science Fiction Books (guardian)
– Take Five With China Mieville (sf-fantasy)
– 22 Year-Old Student Finds Universe’s ‘Missing Mass’ (yahoo)
– 7 Questions That Need To Be Asked About Writing (storytellersunplugged)

0 comments on “Monday's Links

  1. Kate Evangelista says:

    I may need to watch this film, even without the certain "embellishments" of said author of this blog. 😛

    Finished the added chapters. Now, editing restarts. Must get MS to agent ASAP.

  2. aobibliophileâ„¢ says:

    hi Conor! i remember the fun i had watching Tremors when it first came out. the poster reminds me of how much i laughed when the gang threw explosives and got something back in return lol! thanks for sharing this and yeah it would have been more awesome if this cult film was based on an early work by a certain Cormac McCarthy. c",)

  3. Conor says:

    @Kate – Tremors is definitely B-movie goodness and it has Kevin Bacon, so it's hard to go wrong. Congratulations on the finishing the chapters. Well done!

    @aobibiophile – I enjoyed Tremors similarly. I really wish it had some sort of prestigious background. If only.

  4. Mark Welker says:

    Thanks for the links Conor. Really great idea.

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