‘The Exiles of the New World’ Release Week

So, this week is the release week for my book, ‘The Exiles of the New World.’ I’ll be doing the book launch/signing this Friday at Open Books here in Chicago from 6:30pm-8:00pm. If you are in the city, stop by and say hello. No obligation to even come for the book. Feel free to swing by and we can talk about how the Cubs have mathematically eliminated themselves from playoff contention after only 10 games of play. Definitely a personal best for them. Either way, the book should finally be available in paperback on Barnes and Noble and Amazon now.

2 comments on “‘The Exiles of the New World’ Release Week

  1. Joseph says:

    Looking forward to it! It being the pizza, of course. I’ve never eaten pizza shaped like spaceships.

  2. Conor says:

    But pizza is always shaped like a saucer/spaceship…unless it’s from Rocky’s. All bets are off for pizza that can fit in a paper cup.

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