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This week’s links feature an article on bedside book stacks, advice on how writing for yourself can help produce your best writing, a review of Stephen Baxter and Terry Pratchet’s The Long Earth and a list compiling the greatest YA series of all time. I also want to quickly mention that this past weekend was marked by great tragedy and I don’t want to trivialize those events in any way, so this post is going to be rather brief.

I borrowed a page from flavorwire’s profile on bedside reading stacks and used a picture of my own bedside stack for this post. I have to admit, my stack is a bit all over the place, but truthfully, I wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, if things were vanilla or uniformly confronting a single subject/genre, I would be rather disappointed. The sad part is that this is just my ‘currently reading’ stack and there are several other stacks from a ‘to read’ stack all the way down to a ‘someday when I’m a more focused individual I will finish you, I promise neglected third chapter dogeared paperback’ stack.

Although it shows up in my bedside book stack, I just finished Shadow Show, the Ray Bradbury tribute collection. To pay all the contributing authors a broad compliment, I would say that Bradbury’s stories always had a way of sticking in my mind long after I’d read them, usually extending from a very specific image being branded into my mind, and many of Shadow Show’s tales accomplished a similar feat. I enjoyed the stories thoroughly and would call the collection a fine tribute for the late great Bradbury.


– Beside Book Snooping (flavorwire)

Shadow Show: A Fitting Tribute To Ray Bradbury (wired)

– How Writing For Yourself Will Produce Your Best Writing (writersdigest)

– Av Club Reviews Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter’s The Long Earth (avclub)

– New Author Spotlight: Christopher Farnsworth (sfsignal)

– JA Konrath On Exclusivity And Free With Your Books (jakonrath)

– The 10 Greatest YA Series Of All Time (flavorwire)

– How I Got My Agent: Colette Martin (guidetoliteraryagents)

– Steven Spielberg Wants Thor To Star In Robocalypse (io9)

– Hayao Miyzaki’s New Film Will Tell The Story Of The Zero Fighters Designer (twitch)

– Warner Bros. Will Make Donations To Dark Knight Shooting Victims (entertainment)

– The Universe Could Tear Itself Apart Sooner Than Anyone Believed (io9)

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  1. Greg Teget says:

    Hi, Connor:

    I’ve been thinking about sending my now completed sci-fi novel to Iconic. In researching them, I like to get firsthand experience from those who’ve worked with them. How was your experience? Promotion and marketing? Any info you care to share is much appreciated.

    I had a bounce-back with your gmail email, so am posting here. Hope it’s cool.


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