Conor Dempsey’s Media Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio. In this section you will find writing samples of articles on film, tv and literature. They range from more informative pieces on Upcoming Movie Adaptations to lighter entries like Bad Guy Profiles, Top Ten Lists and Fake Movie Craigslist Ads.

Along with copywriting, editing and proofreading contributions to companies like Groupon, Best Buy and Target, my creative pieces have been honored by the Austin Film Festival and the Talent Search International Festival. I also had my first book published earlier this year.


Writing Samples:

Recent Film/TV Features (Coming Soon)

Humor/Satire (Near Truth)

Movie Humor/Satire (Tuesday’s Trailers Archive)

My Book  (The Exiles of the New World)


Websites: (Books, Sci-fi, Film) (Film/TV, Humor)


Video Editing Samples:


About Me:

If you’d like to learn more about me, here is a link to a less than informative about me section. My Linkedin profile may be a more informative version of my about me page. It has more bullet points and looks more official. Always pluses.

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