Game of Thrones Season 3 Trailer

Behold! The Game of Thrones Season 3 trailer is here. March 31st marks the return of George R.R. Martin’s series to HBO, bringing the wildly popular show back for its third season, which will cover the events of A Storm of Swords.

As for news on Martin’s sixth book, The Winds of Winter? Well, hopefully we’ll see it sometime this decade. Much like Patrick Rothfuss’ equally anticipated The Doors of Stone, there is no confirmed release date. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that by the time the TV show has caught up to the books, the sixth book will be out and the seventh and final book will be underway. Surprisingly though, Martin has been pretty open about what we can expect from the book, including having a sample chapter up on his website and confirming some of the viewpoint chapters that will be featured.

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