‘The Doors of Stone’ Update

89703_1243332362_large1This is almost a non-update on the release date for Patrick Rothfuss’ The Doors of Stone, but in the latest interview conducted with the author by Triangulation, Rothfuss discusses the pressure that deadlines place on writers and why it has kept him from penciling in a date. He especially highlights the pressure he felt when he started working on the second book and shifted from what he calls a story hobbyist to a professional writer. For this reason, Rothfuss says that he is hesitant to set a release date for The Doors of Stone and can only say that it is forthcoming and will be good. However, when asked if 2014 or 2015 was the more likely release year, 2014 seemed to win out in his mind (If you’re interested, discussion about the release takes place around the 12:00 and 68:00 minute marks in the interview).

While this sort of update certainly won’t satiate the rabid fans, if anything, it does remind them that he is hard at work on the story and doesn’t want to rush things and have the trilogy suffer as a result. So, all we can do for now is wait patiently and wish him the best of luck on the endeavor. He will certainly have his hands full this year with revisions on the third Kingkiller Chronicle book, his Worldbuilders charity and story development on the new game Torment: Tides of Numenera.

18 comments on “‘The Doors of Stone’ Update

  1. john says:

    Mr. Rothfuss has been very open about having had this story completely written prior to being published in 2007 for NOTW. He complained of final editorial issues for the delay in WMF that was published in 2011. Six years in editorial rehash??? Ok, I call BULLSHIET for it to take another 6 years to publish a story alleged to have been completed prior to 2007. This is clearly a financial decision from the publisher and/or Rothfuss, in an apparent money-grab, and causes me as a consumer to just want to throw the story away and move on to other more entertaining books…

    • Josh says:

      Hmm. The delays are unfortunate, but there is no financial incentive for a publisher or author to delay publication! Exactly the opposite incentives, actually–authors who publish regularly make more money.

    • Ben says:

      Not so much, John.

      There was a fairly recent post on Pat’s blog about the kind of state his books were in when he “finished” them. Book 2 in particular was very rough, as he’d been working for years on Book 1 to update it and get it ready for publication. This left a lot of updating to do in Book 2, changes he’ll also have to make in Book 3. Also, who knows what else he’ll put in to make the book more gripping.

      Patience is a virtue, and Rothfuss isn’t the reader’s b*tch.

  2. Sam says:

    Hard at work my ass. The man is constantly updating his blog about doing everything BUT working on the book. He’s involved in so many things, including a new family, that I wouldn’t be surprised if days go by where he doesn’t even look at his draft.

    You’re right, though. Rothfuss isn’t the readers bitch. But Jesus. What was he…two years late on his second book? And now he won’t even hardly speculate on when he’ll finish. That’s a cop out.

    And there are plenty of authors who write bigger AND better books than he does and they write them 3x as fast. He’s still a hobby writer. In fact, here’s a prediction: After Doors of Stone he won’t write professionally anymore.

    • sesentaycuatro says:

      I think you are pretty unfair

      I am a King Killer’s Chronicle fan, and I am not a Rothfuss fan at all.

      But a writer is a person and the fact that you don’t want him to update his blog probably counts for little here. Should he wish to take a 10-years rest before even starting writing any book, what the hell have readers to say about it.

      It’s his choice, for heavens sake

      If you find there are better and bigger books, stop complaining about Rothfuss not writing.

      It takes what it takes.

      If I were him I would surely dedicate more time to my family than I would dedicate to please readers like you.

      • Wolf says:

        If he updated his blog about writing the book occasionally, that would go a long way towards soothing a lot of people’s worries that he’s not working on the books.

        I don’t begrudge the man his hobbies, his family or his charity work, but honestly, the absolute lack of updates on DoS overall has me worried that those things have subsumed all of his time, and he’s not actually working on the Doors of Stone.

        I mean look at this: it’s been 4 years since your comment here, and we still dont’ have even a tentative release date, nor has there been much updating regarding DoS in that whole time.

  3. Larry McPheeters says:

    Book 1 and 2 were fantastic so I’ll be patiently wating for book 3. Take your time Pat and make it even better then the first 2. Larry

  4. Zack says:

    I agree with Sesentayguatro 100%, honestly I could not have expressed my opinion better. I will say this though, the story behind this trilogy is like no other. It is extremely unique, and could not have been written in any other way(though there are a few pieces that could use a little work and/or fill a few gaps). With this said, though I am a very impatient person, I will wait as long as I have to for his third piece of work. Dedicating more time to his family would improve his writing, relieving himself of douchebag “fans” who are constantly on his ass about when his next book will be released, critiquing him on his new family and time he takes to make sure his books are the way HE wants them, not how you snobby shits want them. Learn to appreciate, after that learn how to be a human being.

  5. zipadee says:

    Everything that has been said is true, but it doesn’t change how annoying it is. I feel that he is not a professional. I’m so sick of him asking his fans for donations to his different hobbies yet he won’t even give us an update on the third book. It’s one thing to want to be left alone to write a book, but it’s wrong to ask so much out of your fans when you are not willing to give back to them.

  6. Atz says:

    Sam and Sesentaycuatro both make good points.

    On one hand we’ve already received books 1 and 2, and as a Kingkiller Chronicles fan, I’m very anxious to see how the series ends. I feel like we’ve been hanging on the edge of a cliff for years, and there hasn’t been a whole lot of information on an actual release date for the fans.

    On the other hand, Pat is a person too, not just an author, with his own life going on. He doesn’t have any real obligation to us to even release the 3rd book if he chooses to wait forever. It’s his story, and as much as I would like to have some closure on the series, it’s really up to him if/when he wants to release it.

    All said, I’d love to read it sooner rather than later… but better finished ready rather than mediocre and delivered not ready.

  7. Henriette says:

    Think of all those who died frustrated, who due to this delay will never be able to know what transpired and whether there was a happy ending for Kvothe and his slain family! they would even have to be born again and re-learn to read, etc. just in order to see what happened in “The Doors of Stone”. Is this fair?

    Think of those cancer patients who even undertook an extra painful course of chemotherapy just so they won’t miss this book, who suffered so much, but still died without getting a chance to glimpse it.

    You are very cruel, Mr. Rothfuss!

  8. Kevin says:

    I disagree with several other on his obligations. He published the first two books openly as a trilogy. We purchased them as part of a promised complete story. He was personally enriched by our faith in him and our patronage of his artistic endeavors. That said he promoted a 3 part story, and the cost of the first two books purchased by millions are his advance. If he wasn’t going to finish he’s dishonest and we should be able to get our money back. Otherwise finish the work Pat.

  9. Dumas says:

    I once submitted a review on Barnes and Noble when “The Name of the Wind” came out. I was surprised when Pat responded personally to me via e-mail. We had a brief exchange where I had referred to another new and upcoming author who had disappointed me with the plot in his sequel.. Jokingly, I told Pat that I had a feeling that he would disappoint me as well.

    Pat has disappointed me.

    While I’m not in the best of health, I’m 65…I do think I will be around a few more years…But I’m beginning to fear I will never read “The Doors of Stone.”

  10. Gifford Bohane says:

    Rothfus is not the first author to run out of ideas when his bank account was full.

    It seems there is a direct correlation between inspiration and hunger. He is no longer hungry, and Doors of Stone are effectively dead unless he suffers some sort of financial catastrophe where he needs the money.

    Anyone waiting for Doors of Stone will probably grow old and die before it is ever published.

    • Henriette says:

      Then someone else ought to complete this book and heal our pains. To hell with that Rothfuss bastard.

      Kvothe’s family remains unavenged – their blood is on the author!

  11. John says:

    i love the story so far, one of the best ive ever read to be honest and people need to chill about the non existent release date. There are plenty of good books you can read in the meantime. I keep leaving it longer in between google searches of a release date and each time I check (last time about 4 months ago) I was convinced a date would be set. Now i’m so used to the disappointment I think ill have a heart attack when a date is given. It is doing my head in though and I sympathise with you. C’mon Paddy, once you’ve finished this one you can start another and we can all get on your case about those. Seriously though, I hope this isn’t a publicity stunt, if the book’s done then give it up.

  12. David says:

    We’re seven years in now. I’ll give Pat Rothfus credit, the last book had so much content that it was two books in one, but this is getting ridiculous.
    Like many others, I will never read another series by him unless it’s finished. I almost wonder if this is what the block is; he wants people to be interested in the other things that he’s into and he knows that once the last book is done many will be done with him.

  13. Rebecca P says:

    I came across the Name of the Wind while searching for a new series to sink my teeth into.
    I’m sorry I did not check to see if all of the books were out. The publication date of the first one was 2007, so it never crossed my mind that the third book would not yet be released.

    I have a rule to never start a series if the whole series has not been release. I inadvertently broke this rule and I’m paying for it. I am so sorry I invested the amount of time I invested in an unfinished work.

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