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Today’s writing links highlight prominent sci-fi author John Scalzi’s new announced project, Redshirts. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, Redshirt comes from Star Trek lore, referring to the expendable red shirted crewmembers who were always fodder for whatever alien culture they encountered in an episode of the show. If you still have any trouble understanding this phenomenon, go back and watch the original Star Trek episodes. Anyone in red standing next to William Shatner when they arrive on a new planet has a life expectancy of about zero.

Scalzi’s attempt on the subject will humorously explore what would have happened if the new redshirt recruits got together to compare notes and finally took notice of the unusually high mortality rate for their position. More details on the synopsis can be found on the website for the always fantastic publisher, Tor. Redshirts won’t be out until Summer 2012, but it will be worth checking out when it releases. In other news, Happy Halloween and here are some links!



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– Av Club Reviews Terry Pratchett’s ‘Snuff’ (avclub)

– New Agent Alert: Becky Vinter Of Fineprint Literary Management (guidetoliteraryagents)

– How To Improve Your Researching Skills And Write Accurately (writersdigest)

– Made It Moment: Scott Armstrong (jennymilchman)

– New Author Spotlight: Michael Dempsey (sfsignal)

– Ray Bradbury Video Interview From 1974 (sfsignal)

– George R. R. Martin’s ‘Wild Cards’ To Be Adapted Into Film (tor)

– Copyright Is People (sfwa)

– Scientific, Sword And Sorcery, Galactic? What Is Sci-fi? (karenelliott)

– Incredible But Real Science Fiction And Fantasy Pumpkin Carvings (io9)

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