The Elysium Trailer That Makes You Wish It Was Coming Out This Weekend

This is the second trailer for Neill Blomkamp’s sci-fi epic Elysium. The first trailer for the film was perfectly fine, but the second trailer that debuted this week is definitely ‘next level, go see this opening day’ material. Along with revealing more about the story itself, the trailer sheds some light on Matt Damon’s character Max and his motivation to get outfitted in the world’s most uncomfortable looking super suit so that he can raid Jodie Foster’s off world summer home to save himself and for those with tearjearking sensibilities, a terminally ill little girl.

Sharlto Copley’s aptly named villain Kruger is fleshed out a bit too, as he seems to be some some sort of attack dog for Jodie Foster, dead set on keeping the riffraff out of her space Hamptons setup. Kruger seems to have inherited a comparable super suit (under closer inspection, Kruger may even be more machine than man) and cool gadgets to go along with it, but if I were placing bets on who is going to win the Copley v Damon brawl, I’d put my money on Jason Bourne every time.