This Week's Writing Links (1/27)

This week’s writing links feature an 80/20 rule for self-promotion, George R.R. Martin’s Hugo recommendations (other than his own book), a potential reunion for the Monty Python cast in a sci-fi film and four techniques for creating believable villains.

There are definitely some good links this week, but how can one not get excited about a possible sci-fi Monty Python movie? It will be interesting to see how this project develops, but if they can coax everyone into showing up, it sounds like ‘Absolutely Anything‘ will be a cool fusion of Monty Python and Douglas Adams elements. It will surely be one to keep an eye on.

Also, just a quick update on the release of my book, ‘The Exiles of the New World.’ In the end, the release date is going to be shuffled a bit. We’re going to get some pre-release copies out in January/February (for reviews and kickstarter backer preorders), but the actual release for the hardcover is probably going to end up being in early spring (April/May). There is a possiblity of seeing the ebook version available a little earlier than that as part of a “soft” release, but the hardcover release in stores is more than likely going to be a spring affair.

I was really hoping that this would make the Christmas/early January release window, but since that was just barely missed, it works out to wait a bit for the Holiday stock to sell before you get things into stores, hence the spring release. I’ll keep people appraised on hardened dates if they get set, but enough nonsense about my own stuff, let’s get to links!


– Amanda Hocking Is Still An Exception To The Rule: Self-Published Authors And Big Book Deals (io9)

– Debut Author Kerry Schafer Inks Deal With Ace Books After Discovery On ‘Book Country’ (usatoday)

– George R.R. Martin’s Hugo Recommendations (grrm)

– Monty Python Members To Reunite On Sci-fi Flick ‘Absolutely Anything’ (stumbleupon)

– Paula Margulies On The 80/20 Rule For Self-Promotion (paulamargulies)

– 15 Beautiful Homes Of Famous Authors (flavorwire)

– Av Club Reviews ‘A Universe From Nothing’ By Lawrence M. Krauss (avclub)

– 4 Techniques For Creating Believable Villains (writersdigest)

– Agent Advice: Nicole Resciniti From The Seymour Agency (guidetoliteraryagents)

– SF Signal: A John Carter Primer (sfsignal)

– The Cosmic War Between Ancient Starburst Galaxies And Supermassive Black Holes  (io9)

– JA Konrath: The Myth Of The Bestseller (jakonrath)

– ‘Virga’ Book Set Sweepstakes (tor)