2018 Movie Mashup

This is my 2018 Movie Mashup. In previous years I tried to keep my mashups to just movies in my top 25 for the year, but this time around I decided to open it up as a more general celebration of cinema. So, instead of 25 movies there are about 132 mixed in. And yes, some of them are bad.

Also, my Mac melted a few months ago, so this is stitched together from the shards of what survived the crash. As a result the mashup has some rough edges and mild redundancies. I always have fun putting these together so I thought I’d put it up all the same. Enjoy!

Song’s Used:
Andrew David – ‘Cut out the Middleman’
Max Richter – ‘On the Nature of Daylight’
The Coup – ‘OYAHYTT’
KOPPS – ‘Dumb’
Kina Grannis – ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’
Wolf Alice – ‘Silk’

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2016 Mashup

Full list of movies used:

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