Hobbit Week!

I had an enthusiastic post ready for Hobbit weekend, but needless to say, yesterday was a pretty heavy day, especially in Connecticut and China. So, I’d just like to take a moment to acknowledge both those events before moving on. Pretty terrible stuff. Some people might be taking the weekend off as a result, but if you are still journeying out to theaters this weekend for some escapism to see the Hobbit, this post is everything Hobbit.

Although I have not had a chance to see the movie yet (I have tickets for Tuesday), the site has compiled some great Hobbit links including what you need to know before seeing the movie, some Colbert interviews with the Hobbit cast, some nice collector Hobbit merchandise and the documented journey of two men simplifying trying to walk into Mordor, much to Sean Bean’s dismay. There is also a nice flow chart over at io9 that helps you differentiate the many dwarves of the Hobbit based on their facial hair.

I greatly enjoyed Hobbit week on the Colbert report, mostly because Stephen Colbert would break character from his conservative counterpart just to gush about how big of a Tolkien nerd he is (he’s quite the Tolkien scholar in fact). So much so that he was even answering Tolkien questions for Peter Jackson, who after making four LOTR/Hobbit movies, should know his way around a Tolkien trivia night. In addition, the really expensive Smaug stein and the girl featured on flavorwire’s “Not All That Wander Are Lost” tattoo are pretty cool too.


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