In Case Of Time Travel: A Handy Printout For Time Travel Related Problems

This is probably worth laminating if you are the janitor in a lab that has a lot of unstable time travel looking machines scattered about. I don’t know who made this chart, but it seems like something the ‘Primer‘ people would have come up with. I’m working on a time travel story now, and just in case there are any NaNoWriMo participants doing a time travel story, I thought I would include this printout for reference.

What would I do if I got stuck in the past? First, I would go looking for H.G. Wells. If he wasn’t alive yet or was already deceased, then I might cry a bit. But a manly cry I assure you. Then I would go the zoo for awhile and then live out the rest of my days in a comfortable fashion betting on the Cubs futility to win anything after the Titanic sank. It’s a plan.