Kickstarter Project To Support: Patrick Gannon's 2012 Cut Paper Art Calendar

I try to keep non-writing posts to a minimum, but they’re bound to pop up here and there, because the mind tends to wander, especially when it should be focused on a single task (NaNoWriMo, I’m making odd awkwardly timed glances in your direction for fear that we may make eye contact and I may then be forced to resume you instead of looking at pictures of people’s cute pets on reddit).

Anyway, today’s post confronts a really cool project that I think people should check out and support if they feel up to it. That project is amazing cut paper artist Patrick Gannon’s 2012 Calendar, which he currently has a kickstarter project up for. If you haven’t seen Gannon’s work before, make sure to check out his site and then rush over to his kickstarter project to support the effort and pick up a really cool calendar, commission a piece or receive one of the other rewards offered. Kickstarter is a great place to support creativity, so make sure to check it out.

Kickstarter Campaign

In an attempt to try to grapple with the mounting editing, proofing, illustration, publishing and marketing costs for The Exiles of the New World, I’ve put my book up on Kickstarter to try to help out with the costs.

Kickstarter is an indie fundraising site that allows people to raise money for their projects by offering rewards to donors in return. In this case, it’s also doubling as a bit of a pre-order site for my book as some of the rewards offered are copies of The Exiles of the New World. So, please stop by and check it out here. Even if you don’t donate, leave a note or just say hi. It would be greatly appreciated!