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This first week of 2012 should see everyone with a renewed sense of vigor as the dormant publishing industry finally awakes from its slumber to bring us brand new books. This is also the week where all the writers out there hunker down with their firm resolutions to get those thousand words out every day, no matter what nostalgic television series just got added to the Netflix Instant Queue.

In this week’s writing links, we have a nice piece on the 25 most beautiful college libraries,¬†advice on how to deal with self promotion as a debut author without going overboard on the “self” part, 7 great practices for building your online platform, AV Club’s best books of 2011,¬†some cool vintage Tolkien covers from around the world, reminders about reading and much more.

I’m a big fan of the 25 most beautiful college libraries segment, especially the picture of the Yale library included in the post, which I actually got a chance to see last year when I was in the New England area. I feel like I would have spent more time in the library in college if my library looked like that. Admittedly, I also would have wasted a great deal of time looking for old dusty tomes that held clues to the location of the Grail or secrets of the Davinci Code, but such grand pieces of architecture can’t help but distract and conjure up such escapist fantasies.

Now, for some links!


– The 25 Most Beautiful College Libraries In The World (flavorwire)

– How To Deal With Self Promotion As A Debut Author (sfwa)

– AV Club’s Best Books Of 2011 (avclub)

– Science Fiction And Fantasy Grand Masters (kirkusreview)

– Vintage Tolkien Covers From Around The World (flavorpill)

– 13 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Reading (professor)

– 7 Practices For Building An Online Presence (writersdigest)

– The Best Science Fiction And Fantasy Books Of 2011 (io9)

– Sf Signal Reviews Martha Well’s ‘The Serpent Sea’ (sfsignal)

– Most Anticipated Books Of 2012 (flavorwire)

– 25 Science Fiction Movies And Fantasy Movies To Watch Out For In 2012 (io9)

– New Photo Of Noomi Rapace In Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’ (comingsoon)

– Av Club Review’s Carrie Fisher’s ‘Shockaholic’ (avclub)

– 10 New Must Reads For January (flavorpill)

– New Images From ‘The Hunger Games’ Movie (io9)

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