Participate In Reddit's Annual Book Exchange

Just to give everyone the heads up, registration for reddit’s second annual book exchange just opened up this week and will run until the end of the month. For those unfamiliar with the program, reddit’s book exchange matches you with another participant at random that you will then exchange a book of your choice (based around interests listed in your match’s profile) with. Last year, the program saw almost 5,000 participants in 58 countries exchanging books. This year the exchange returns with purpose, as they hope to show the world that reading is an undervalued, but essential activity.

In order to do accomplish that, the exchange…

“has been partnered with to put together a donation drive focused on getting books that redditors love into the hands of students eager to read them. We’ve also broken down the teachers’ requests into a few subreddit genres, in case a little friendly competition interests you. Visit to choose a subreddit-specific project to support, or to give to any book-related project you want.”

If you need character witnesses for the program, how about the greatest non-computer based Jeopardy player of all time? Let us hear what Ken Jennings has to say about it.

Make sure to sign up today!