Trailer For Dennis Lehane’s ‘The Drop’

The new trailer for ‘The Drop‘, the upcoming adaptation of Dennis Lehane’s (‘Mystic River’ and ‘Gone, Baby, Gone’) short story ‘Animal Rescue’ and now forthcoming book of the same name has hit the internet, and needless to say it looks amazing. Mostly because of Tom Hardy, but Noomi Rapace, a moody score and the late great James Gandolfini don’t hurt either. The novel releases September 2, 2014, while the movie is due to release ten days later on September 12, 2014.

Final Trailer For ‘Edge of Tomorrow’

With the release of ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ less than a week away, I thought I would post the final IMAX trailer for the Tom Cruise sci-fi blockbluster. I just finished the book that it’s based on, Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s ‘All You Need Is Kill‘, and with a slew of positive reviews already pouring in for the movie, I’m definitely looking forward to checking it out next week. The novel is an interesting read and it sounds like the film preserves most of the intriguing elements from the book. ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ hits theaters June 6th.

Patrick Rothfuss Talks ‘The Slow Regard of Silent Things’ With Geek & Sundry

Rothfuss_QASo, the bad news (as was pretty much expected) is that the final Kingkiller Chronicle book will more than likely not be released in 2014. The good news, however, is that previous statement is sort of untrue. There will be a new Kingkiller book in 2014, but it will not be the trilogy closing ‘Doors of Stone.’ Instead, it will be the recently announced novella, ‘The Slow Regard of Silent Things,’ which chronicles a tale from fan favorite character Auri.

For those who don’t know, Auri is the mysterious girl that Kvothe befriends while attending the university during the events of ‘The Name of the Wind.’ She lives a rather reclusive and enigmatic existence in the ‘Underthing’ below the school, only rarely emerging from hiding, where she happens to meet Kvothe in one of those chance encounters. Although the exact time period of Auri’s tale in ‘The Slow Regard of Silent Things’ is not divulged, it is said to profile some part of her time in the ‘Underthing.’ Perhaps we’ll get some insight into her life before she withdrew to her Smeagol like existence though.

Either way, the novella will be out later this year in November. Also, in June, be on the lookout for the short story about fellow Kingkiller universe character Bast, entitled ‘The Lightning Tree’, which will appear in the George R.R. Martin edited anthology ‘Rogues.’ And be sure to check out the full interview with Mr. Rothfuss over at Geek & Sundry.

Interstellar Gets A New Poster And Tagline


Christopher Nolan’s upcoming enigmatic sci-fi film Interstellar received a new poster this week featuring the tagline, “Mankind was born on Earth. It was never meant to die here.”

While the film continues to be shrouded in mystery, we did get a level of insight into the plot and a cool, ‘Close Encounters’ type poster, so that’s something. Either way, I’m sure we’ll get more info before the November 7th release date.

‘Gone Girl’ Trailer

The trailer for David Fincher’s adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s bestseller ‘Gone Girl’ has hit the internet this week. The preview, which channels a little bit of ‘Zodiac’ along with pretty much every movie David Fincher has made, gives us an eerie montage of Ben Affleck insisting that he didn’t kill his wife (Rosamund Pike) while intercutting some footage of their apparently tumultuous relationship.

The adaptation definitely looks like it will be a good one and Fincher, whose last film was based on another popular book in ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’, surely knows the expectations associated with fan heavy source material. So, I’m sure he’s up for the task. It is also cool to see that Gillian Flynn was able to write the screenplay for the adaptation, a chance that most authors don’t get when their books head to the silver screen. ‘Gone Girl’ hits theaters later this year on October 3.


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George R.R. Martin Releases New Chapter From ‘The Winds of Winter’

The Winds of WinterRight on the heels of Game of Thrones returning to its fourth season on HBO (April 6th at 9 pm), author George R.R. Martin released another chapter of his forthcoming Song of Fire and Ice novel ‘The Winds of Winter’ to the public. The chapter is titled ‘Mercy’ and unsurprisingly follows the plights of a character named Mercy.

It’s all good and good that Martin is releasing material to the fans, but if he is going at the chapter a year pace, we all may be waiting for a very long time for things to wrap up. And they’ll have to recast the show a few times over before its completion, too. But in Martin’s defense, he is currently winning the prove your next book actually exists war with Patrick Rothfuss, so points to him for that. Either way, I will be excited to check out both ‘The Winds of Winter’ and ‘The Doors of Stone’ whenever they respectively hit shelves. Until then, head over to George R.R. Martin’s blog to check out the new chapter.

‘The Signal’ Gets A Trailer

Sundance sci-fi darling, ‘The Signal,’ finally got a trailer today and needless to say, it looks intense. With loose comparisons already to District 9 (at first glance that comparison looks to be more in the indy sci-fi sense) and a little Shane Carruth tone thrown in for good measure, ‘The Signal’ might be a must see for 2014. Can’t wait to see it in June.

In Defense of Neville Longbottom

NevilleOver at Tor, blogger Emily Asher-Perrin has written a nice piece about Neville Longbottom, pegging him not only as an undervalued character, but going as far as saying that he, “determines the course of the Harry Potter series.” While initially sounding like a bit of an outlandish claim, she mounts a pretty convincing defense in her essay. She also draws some very interesting generational parallels that I hadn’t really picked on before when reading the books. All and all, it’s a great read for Harry Potter fans. Hop on over to Tor to check out the full essay, but here’s an excerpt:

Rowling largely operates Harry’s generation in a clear system of parallels to the previous generation, Marauders and all. Harry is his father—Quidditch star, a little pig-headed sometimes, an excellent leader. Ron is Sirius Black—snarky and fun, loyal to a fault, mired in self-doubts. Hermione is Remus Lupin—book smart and meticulous, always level-headed, unfailingly perceptive. Ginny is Lily Evans—a firecracker, clever and kind, unwilling to take excuses. Draco Malfoy is Severus Snape—a natural foil to Harry, pretentious, possessed of the frailest ego and also deeper sense of right and wrong when it counts. And guess what?

Neville Longbottom is Peter Pettigrew.